Pottery Töpferei Sina Wild Zürich

welcome to my website

I once needed to balance out my 9-5 spent staring at a screen. Through a pottery class I found a way to get hands on, enjoying the feeling of creating a physical object.

Through life's twists and turns ... yes, there was a boy ... I ended up traveling through Japan. 


I hadn't missed home (sorry mum), yet I was missing the days spent throwing pots. I lucked out when I found a residency with a local pottery teacher. 

Like a good training montage, I spent the first week making cylinder after cylinder until they no longer horrified Sensei. 


Sensei gave me an appreciation for the subtle details. How to get the wall curve and thickness just right so it feels perfect in your hand. The way to get an elegant finish to the foot. How to control the kiln so the glaze leaves a beautiful finish. 


After months in Sensei's studio, it was clear to me to start my own studio when returning home and to throw pots full time. 

Now I make pots that feel and look good. This means paying attention to the details while embracing tiny imperfections that give each bowl a lifelike quality. 


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